Reservoir Simulation and Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing: Case Study in Jilin Tight Oil Field

Yanlong Yu


In the tight oil simulation model, when the horizontal half fracture length increases, the value of b remains as a constant, and the value of D_i slightly decreases. When horizontal half length is fixed, D_i increases as the vertical half length increases. Irregular hydraulic fracture patterns can create a positive impact on oil production performance in tight oil reservoirs; longer outer fractures create a larger drainage area and drive increased oil production. The oil production performance of a simulation model that includes fracture closure is analyzed. It is determined that fracture closure has a significant effect on cumulative production results. A heterogeneous model based on real field data is used to predict oil production of well R 53 from a Jilin field tight oil reservoir and considers the impact of fracture closure that is 77712.42 m3 over five years.