Reservoir Simulation: Join Our Team
This is an exciting and well-funded research program focusing on reservoir simulation for oil and gas exploration. We have a multidisciplinary team with projects in the following areas:
Simulator  and Solver Development

  • Upscaling
  • Discretization methods
  • Solvers
  • Solution schemes
  • Relative permeability curves
  • Underground Coal Gasification
  • Geomechanical modelling
  • Flex Well modelling
Modelling of Complex Processes

  • Kinetics
  • Diffusion/dispersion
  • Equations of state
  • Compositional
  • Thermal
  • Chemical
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Cold production
Modelling of Wells

  • Modeling of advanced wells
  • Wellbore modeling
  • Coupling of wellbore and reservoirs
Modelling of Complex Geology

  • Flexible grids
  • Finite volume methods
  • Multipoint flux approximation
  • Instability and fingering
Modelling of Shale 

  • Tight Oil
  • Gas
Steam and Additives Injection

  • Solvent
  • Gas
  • Chemical
  • Air
  • Foam
Speed and Parallelization

  • Fast solvers
  • Efficient preconditioners
  • Parallel software
  • Hardware acceleration

  • Simulations
  • Analytics

Graduate Students: We are NOT recruiting graduate students at this time.

Post Doctoral Researchers:  We are NOT recruiting post doctoral researchers at this time.