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The Collaboration Centre is a research lab for students, researchers and industry partners, working collaboratively to integrate technology and tools to address simulation and visualization challenges.

We use tools and frameworks to support the development of cross platform Virtual Reality (VR) applications that work on a variety of platforms such as head mounted displays (HMDs) as well as advanced visualization platforms such as CAVEs. Due to the similarity of the technology we also work with augmented reality (AR).

We have several tools to support interaction and visualization including:

  • Powerful visualization workstations with 3D capable screens
  • Head mounted virtual reality systems and four large screens that may be used in a variety of configurations for 2D and 3D (stereoscopic) visualization and even closed into a CAVE configuration for demonstrations or collaborative virtual reality applications
  • A variety of tracking systems such as Leap Motion sensors, Microsoft Kinects and eight Vicon T160 cameras
  • The Vicon System may also be used for motion capture as well as tracking
  • Touch tables
  • An Aldebaran Robotics Nao robot
  • State of the art video-conferencing facilities

By having all these resources in one place, we are able to explore and extend interaction and visualization paradigms across different visualization and virtual reality platforms. This provides the infrastructure to gain understanding of how such platforms are able to facilitate discovery and collaborative work across many domains. Further to this, the Collaboration Centre is an excellent environment to showcase projects and explain concepts that benefit from an advanced visualization environment.

The centre is free to use and all areas of study are welcome. However, a particular advantage of having these resources located in our Engineering complex is that we have an environment that fosters collaboration between domain experts in Engineering seeking solutions to problems, and researchers from other fields that can help solve these problems. This allows those that are interested in applied research to ensure that their techniques provide benefit to specific domains and facilitate novel and relevant research.

If there are any general or technical questions or comments please contact Stephen Cartwright:

Stephen Cartwright
Phone: 403-220-2101

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