BSc Graduates

1. Yanli Pei- BSc 2014
2. Mengting Lin- BSc 2014

MSc Graduates

1. Xiaolin (Celine) Chen – MSc 2010: Kinetic modeling of the in-situ combustion process for Athabasca oil sands
2. Yue (Steve)  Chan – MSc 2011: Experimental and numerical study of initial water mobility in bitumen reservoirs and its effect on SAGD
3. Wajih Naeem – MSc 2011: Modeling and Simulation of Cold Production with Sands
4. Mohammad Javad Shafaei– MSc 2011: Reverse gas-lift technology for CO2 injection into deep saline aquifers
5. Baijie Wang- MSc 2012:  A hybrid framework for reservoir characterization using fuzzy ranking and an artificial neural network
6. Jian Sun – MSc 2012: A pseudo-bubble point model and its simulation for foamy oil in porous media
7. Anton Lysyanny – MSc 2012: Improving Operation of Wells Equipped with Electrical Submersible Centrifugal Pumps
8. Song Yu – MSc 2012: Sparse matrix-vector multiplication on NVIDIA GPUs
9. Yinzhe Fan– MSc 2012: A sparse approximate inverse preconditioner for nonsymmetric linear systems
10. Xia (Bessie) Bao – MSc 2013:  Geomechanical and Thermal Simulation of SAGD Process
11. Zhen Wang – MSc 2013: Analysis of the pressure projection stabilization method for the Darcy and coupled Darcy-Stokes flows:
12. He (Mark) Zhong– MSc 2009: Performance of local Gauss integration in finite element and finite volume methods for the Navier-Stokes equations
13. Liyun Zhang– MSc 2013: A stabilized mixed finite element method for single phase compressible flow
14. Forough Adim Naghouni MSc 2013: CO2 Sequestration in Underground Coal Gasification
15. Xiaoyan (Jenny) Zhang– MSc 2013: Successful Applications of Channel Fracturing Rechnology in Canada
16. Zhen (Sam) Chen- MSc 2013: A Genetic Algorithm Optimizer with Applications to the SAGD Process
17. Mohammad Hossain Nikpoor MSc 2013: Modeling of plus fraction molecular weight change in nonisothermal petroleum reservoirs
18. Wanqiang (Frank) Xiong – MSc 2014: Development of a Standalone Thermal Wellbore Simulator
19. Qiuyue (Cathy) Song – MSc 2015: Steam Injection Strategies for Bitumen Recovery from an Element of the Grosmont Carbonate Reservoir
20. Bo Yang – MSc 2015: A GMRES Solver with ILU (k) Preconditioner for Large-Scale Spargse Linear Systems on Multiple GPUs
21. Jinze Xu – MSc 2015: Effects of Lean Zones on SAGD Performance
22. Fangfei Sun – MSc 2015: On the semi-discrete stabilized finite volume method for the transient Navier-Stokes equations
23. Yayun Xiong – MSc 2015: A stabilized nonconforming quadrilateral finite element method for the generalized Stokes equations
24. Menglu (Luke) Lin – MSc 2016:  Study of geometry of hydraulic fractures
25. Hongbo (Bob) Yu – MSc 2016: The effect of temperature on Two-Phase Oil-Water or Three-Phase Water-Oil-Gas Relative Permeability Of Unconsolidated Sand.
26. Jiabei Han – MSc 2016: Enhanced oil recovery from a low pressure tight oil reservoir
27. Lauro Vargas – MSc 2016:  A methodology of Analysis for the Dynamic Characterization in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs with Fractal Geometry
28. Qingmao (Laura) Li 
– MSc 2016: Analytical and semi-analytical modeling of SAGD processes, especially for unsteady state;  Simulation on SAGD processes and other thermal recovery process.
29. Tianjie Qin – MSc 2016: Identifying CO2-EOR and Re-fracturing Opportunities in the Pembina Cardium Field, Alberta
30. Tianlin (Scott) Zhang  – MSc 2016:  Systematical Studies of Mechanisms of Multi-thermal Fluid Stimulation for Heavy Oil Recovery
31. Xiaoduan (Helen) Ye – MSc 2016: Hydraulic Fracture in Unconventional Reservoir and Reservoir Simulation
32. Xueying (Cherie) Lu – MSc 2016: Numerical Simulation of Conjugate Natural Convection and Radiation within Wellbore Annuli
33. Moein ElahiMSc 2016: Geomechanical Modeling of Underground Coal Gasification
34. Lin MengMSc 2016: Experimental and Numerical Study of the Convective Mass Transfer of Solvent at the Steam Chamber Edge in ES-SAGD
35. Ruijian He – MSc 2016: Development of Permeability Upscaling Techniques
36. Qiong Wang – MSc 2016: Solvent Application along with SAGD
37. Ran Li – MSc 2016: Thermal Reservoir Simulation
38. Roberta Mota – MSc 2017: Visualization& Analytics Reservoir Connectivity
39. Roberta Cabral Mota – MSc, 2017: Exploring Immersive Interfaces for Well Placement Optimization in Reservoir Models
40. Yi Hu MSc, 2017: Fracture Relative Permeability Estimation by Lattice-Boltzmann Method and its Effect on SAGD Performance in Carbonate Reservoirs
41. Yanguo Yu – MSc. 2017: Case Study of ES-SAGD Process for Athabasca Oil Reservoirs with Lean Zones
42. Qingquan Liu – MSc. 2017: Three-dimensional Model for Microwave Heating with Varied Electrical Permittivity
43. Yu Zhang – M.Eng 2017: Machine Learning Involvement in Reservoir Simulation by Optimizing Algorithms in SAGD and SA-SAGD Processes
44. Raz Hosseini – MSc. 2017: Relative Permeability Hysteresis Effects on Water Alternating CO2 Flooding
45. Yanpeng Zhang – MSc 2017: Performance Study of SAGD with Non-Condensing Gases in Oil Sands Reservoirs
46. Christopher Iyogun – M.Eng 2017: Comparative Simulation Study and Economic Analysis of Thermal Recovery Processes in Athabasca Reservoirs
47. Qiaohong Wang – MEng 2017: Influence of reservoir geological characteristics on fracturing fluid Flowback
48. Shihan Zhang – MSc 2018: Nano-pore Confinement Adsorption and Diffusion Effects on Duvernay Gas Condensate Production Behavior
49. Chen Zhao – MSc. 2018: Comparison and Connection between Secondary and Tertiary Recovery Process Techniques
50. Guicheng Jing – MSc. 2018: Flowback Study of Hydraulic Fracturing in Shale Gas Reservoirs
51. Siyuan Liu – MSc. 2018: Optimum Timing for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) after Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) in a Viscous Oil Reservoir
52. Yanjie Cheng – M. Eng. 2018: Recovery Strategies and Flow Modeling on Fractured Carbonate with High Permeability Conduits
53. Ivan Ulovich – MSc 2018: New Insights into Waterflood and Polymer EOR in a Conventional Heavy Oil Reservoir with Wormholes
54. Yanlong Yu – MSc 2018: Reservoir Simulation and Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing: Case Study in Jilin Tight Oil Field
55. Ivan Ulovich – M.Eng.2018:
56. Siyuan Liu – MSc. 2018:


PhD Graduates

1.Mehdi Bahonar- PhD 2011: Transient nonisothermal fully coupled wellbore/reservoir model for gas well testing
2. Yi Pan- PhD 2011 Cold: Modelling of cold heavy oil production with sand
3. Chao (Charlie) Dong- PhD 2012: Development of an Algorithm of Dynamic Gridding for Multiphase Flow Calculation in Wells
4. Liping Zhu- PhD 2013: A two-level stabilized nonconforming finite element method for the stationary Navier-Stokes equations
5. Amin Sharifi Haddad- PhD 2013: Characterization of scale-dependent dispersivity in fractured formations through a divergent flow tracer test
6. Seyed Ali Feizabadi- PhD 2013: More Realistic Four-Phase Stability and Phase Splitting Calculations for Canadian Heavy Oil and Bitumen Reservoirs Using Solvent Injection Processes
7. Shauheen Seyed Reza Etminan- PhD 2013: Diffusion Coefficient Measurement in Propane-Bitumen System
8. Ehsan Ranjbar- PhD 2013: Transfer Function for Single-Phase Gas Flow in Fractured Reservoirs: Shape Factor for Compressible Fluid (Gas) Flow in Dual-Porosity Media
9. Mojtaba Seifi – PhD 2014: Large scale simulation of UCG process applying porous medium approach
10. Mohammad Kariznovi –  PhD 2014:  Simulation study and kinetic parameter estimation of underground coal gasification in Alberta reservoirs
11. Hossein Nourozieh – PhD 2014: A new approach to simulation of the boundary layer in the vapor extraction process
12. Yizheng Wei – PhD 2014: Compositional simulation using the advanced Peng-Robinson equation of state
13. Cuong Thanh Quy Dang – PhD 2015: Modeling, Design, and Optimization of Low Salinity Waterflooding
14. Arash Mirzabozorg – PhD 2015: Does the Incorporation of Engineering Knowledge Using Fuzzy Logic during History Matching Impact Reservoir Performance Prediction?
15. Vahid Hematfar – PhD 2015: Influence of Clay Minerals and Water Film Properties on In-Situ Adsorption of Asphaltene
16. Wisam Shaker – PhD 2015: Combining a Surveillance Testing Workflow into the Assisted History Matching Process to Reduce Uncertainties in a SAGD Reservoir
17. Loran Taabbodi – PhD 2015: Transient Shape Factors for Thermal Flow Simulation in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
18. Mohammad Kyanpour – PhD 2015: A New Approach for Designing Steam Splitters and Inflow Control Devices in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
19. He (Mark) Zhong – PhD 2015: Development of a Parallel Thermal Simulator
20. Morteza Dejam PhD 2016:  Dispersion in Double-Porosity Systems
21. Jack (Hui) Deng – PhD 2016: Modeling Stimulated Rock Volumes Using DPDK Approach Coupled With Rock Mechanics
22. Ziqiang (Kevin) Guo – PhD 2016: Optimization Study of Chemical Flooding for Heavy Oil Reservoirs: Effect of IFT Reduction
23. Mohamad Mojarab – PhD 2016: Waterflood Application in Heavy Oil Reservoirs
24. Geoffrey Brown – PhD  2017: Incorporating Algebraic Multigrid when Solving Reservoir Simulation Equations
25. Kai Zhang – PhD 2017: CO2 Enhance Oil Recovery, Reservoir Simulation, Tight Oil Exploitation and Nanotechnology
26. Ali Karami Moghadam – PhD. 2017: Global Sensitivity Analysis for Covering Reservoir Geological and Flow Uncertainty
27. Yuan Hu – PhD. 2018: Brittleness and Fracability Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs
28. Sheng Yang – PhD. 2018: Coupled Studies of Tight Gas Reservoir Characterization and Simulations
29. Jinze Xu – PhD. 2018: Multi-scale Real Gas Transport in Shale matrix
30. Qiong Wang – PhD. 2018: Mathematical Modeling of Cold and Hot Solvent Injection Processes
31. Jie Zhan – PhD. 2018: Multi-scale Numerical Studies on Characterization of Shale Gas Reservoir Development
32. Ruijian He PhD 2018: Development of a New Parallel In-Situ Combustion Simulator|
33. Mohamed Tamer – PhD 2018: Geological Realization Rankings for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Reservoir Dynamic Modeling



Post-doctoral Fellows

1. Xiaoping Liu,  Post-doc 2011: Algorithms
2. Kola Liadi Mudashiru,  Post-doc 2011
3. Hongsen Chen,  Post-doc 2011
4. Hassan Hassanzadeh,  Post-doc 2011
5. Dharmesh Gotawala,  Post-doc 2012
6. Karim Ghesmat,  Post-doc 2012
7. Ali Pourahadi Laleh, Post-doc 2012

8. Jian Li,  Post-doc 2013
9. Chenchen Wang, Post-doc 2014
10. Ngoc Thi Bich Nguyen, Post-doc 2015
11. Ehsan Ranjbar, Post-doc 2015
12. Majid Ahmadlouydarab, Post-doc 2015
13. Hui Liu, Post-doc 2014
14. Shanbo Mou, Post-doc 2015
15. Jubran Akram, Post-doc 2016
16. Xiaohu Dong, Post-doc 2016
17. Xinfeng (Jason) Jia, Post-doc 2016
18. Guoxuan (Jason) Ren, Post-doc 2016
19. Keliu Wu, Post-doc 2016
20. Jia Luo, Post-doc 2016
21. Kun Wang, Post-doc 2016
22. He (Mark) Zhong, Post-doc 2016