Horizontal Well Placement Fuidance Acquisition by Using GIS and Data Mining Methods

Baijie Wang
Supervisors: Prof. Zhangxing (John) Chen, Prof. Xin Wang


Horizontal Well Placement is critical to EOR, such as SAGD. Poor horizontal well placement negatively influences the efficiency of oil production. Previous horizontal well placement planning is mainly based on the engineers’ experience, by using  a large volume of accumulated field data.

The purpose of Horizontal Well Placement Guidance Acquisition (HWPGA) is sorting through related SAGD field data and identifying interesting associations between horizontal well placement attributes and oil production performance.

Conclusively, a group of horizontal well placement attributes were defined. Association rule mining is introduced to analyze the influence from horizontal well placement to the oil production performance. The simulation result also demonstrates the good oil production performance , by changing the horizontal well placement attributes. Finally, GIS is used to help the data management and visualization.