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Investigating the Effectiveness of Security-Enhancing Visual Protections for Immersive Collaboration

2019 2019 - Group D Publications

  Abstract This presentation introduced visual protection in VR. It showed that most users preferred the alteration of a region of cells as opposed boxes. Blur was considered less useful, too much distortion of all detail. Illustrative method was thought have great potential but may need to adjust the illustrative rendering technique. It was needed […]


An Integrated Approach to Identify the Trigger Mechanisms of HF-Induced Seismicity in Duvernay Shale Reservoir

2019 2019 - Group D Publications

  Abstract In this presentation, new integrated method to characterize HF-induced seismicity was given.  Four major faults were identified by ant-tracking technique in good agreement with focal mechanism results of events clusters. The rock geomechanics and stress field with fluid flow inside fractures were coupled. Three types of trigger mechanisms for HF-induced seismicity were identified. […]


Development of a Standalone Compositional Simulator for Modelling Multiphase Flow and Temperature Distribution Along Wellbore

2019 2019 - Group C Publications

  Abstract This presentation shows that currently our wellbore simulator can perform single-phase injection & production, two-phase steam injection in different wellbores, SAGD circulation & injection, and multi-phase and compositional simulations. It also embedded an annulus heat transfer simulator and semi-numerical method developed from series of FLUENT simulations for improving heat loss calculation accuracy. A […]


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