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The 11th Annual Reservoir Simulation Technical Symposium 2019


This year, our 11th Annual Reservoir Simulation Technical Symposium will take place on June 12th at PetroChina Canada Conference Center, 3rd Floor, 707 5th Street SW. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. The agenda is as follows: 8:00 am –9:00 am Meet and Greet. Breakfast will be provided. 9:00 am –10:20 am Presentation Group 1 […]


Investigating the Effectiveness of Security-Enhancing Visual Protections for Immersive Collaboration 

2018 2018 - Group I Publications

Abstract This presentation shows that virtual and augmented reality provide excellent tools for working with reservoir data. This new medium provides many novel ways of sharing information as well as protecting it. When combined with context aware access control policies this provides a powerful combination for secure collaboration.


Study on Matrix, its Role in Controlling Oil and Water Movement

2018 - Group I Publications

  Abstract This presentation shows that reduced Fracture Permeability can lead to acceleration of oil movement in matrix, leading to increased oil recovery efficiency. Water wet tendency reservoirs provide best recovery performance, and oil wet reservoirs show worse recovery performance. The more water wet reservoir tends to be, the better production result will be. Increased […]


Reservoir Simulation and Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing: Case Study in Jilin Tight Oil Field

2018 2018 - Group H Publications

Abstract In the tight oil simulation model, when the horizontal half fracture length increases, the value of b remains as a constant, and the value of D_i slightly decreases. When horizontal half length is fixed, D_i increases as the vertical half length increases. Irregular hydraulic fracture patterns can create a positive impact on oil production […]


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