Wellbore Flow Modeling

Mehdi Bahonar


The wellbore flow modeling is important to the oil industry. There is a huge amount of application of well bore modeling: in steam and hot water injection, geothermal steam production and translating surface date to the underground target area. In this paper, the author tries to establish the numerical nonisothermal two-phase wellbore flow model. This model entails simultaneous solution of coupled mass and momentum conservation equations inside the wellbore with an energy conservation equation for the fluids within the wellbore, surrounding medium, and formation. Drift-flux model has been used to capture the slip phenomenon between the phases. Time- and depth-dependent nonlinear Uto has been incorporated into the model to capture the heat loss to the surroundings. The wellbore system has sequentially been solved with a triple-iterative procedure, and the formation system has been solved in a fully implicit manner.