Steam Recovery Analysis on Grosmont Carbonate

Yajie Cheng



In this work, a heterogeneous model representing Grosmont carbonate is built. We can see that reservoir parameters like rock compressibility have a great influence on production and BHP results during history match. Most of fractures are sub-vertical in Grosmont; gravity drainage is a main drive mechanism;  Hybrid SAGD recovery combines the advantages of CSS and SAGD; HSAGD produces 51% more oil 52 days earlier with 13% less steam and improves sweep efficiency compared with SAGD; Long cycle and enough heat communication could improve the performance of HSAGD; Brinkman-NS coupling could be applied to fluid flow in large-scale fractures and get more accurate results than Darcy’s law. An equivalent method in a large-fracture region is used to calculate THM in future study.