Simulation Study and Kinetic Parameter Estimation of Underground Coal Gasification in Alberta Reservoirs

Mohammad Kariznovi, Hossein Nourozieh, Jalal Abedi, and Zhangxing Chen


A new method is developed for the estimation of chemical reaction kinetics at high-pressure underground coal gasification from the field produced gas composition. This method combines a developed numerical forward model and field data to investigate uncertain parameters. The forward model is developed on the basis of a unique porous media approach that combines the effects of heat, mass transport, and chemical reactions to simulate the underground coal gasification in three-dimensional basis. The chemical reaction kinetics, that is limited to low pressure, is upscaled based on the available experimental data. A comprehensive sensitivity analysis is carried out to estimate the reaction kinetics and investigate the effect of various parameters, such as pressure, temperature, and reaction environment, on the produced gas composition. The novelty of the developed method is in its applicability as well as its ability to generate the chemical reaction kinetics that corresponds to the field under study. The advantage of the proposed technique is that the sensitivity of the model to different kinetic parameters can be investigated by a graphical method.