Reinfiltration through Liquid Bridges Formed between Two Matrix Blocks in Fractured Rocks

Morteza Dejam
Supervisors: Dr. Hassan Hassanzadeh
Dr. Zhangxing(John) Chen


This presentation gives three three reinfiltration regimes: I) Early Time Regime (ETR) (z ~ t, q = constant), II) Middle Time Regime (MTR) (z ~ t^0.5, q ~ 1/ t^0.5), and III) Late Time Regime (LTR) (z ~ t, q = constant). The LTR is of practical significance as the liquid reinfiltration into porous matrix blocks associated with gas-liquid drainage mechanism is a very slow process in fractured porous media. By increasing the fracture capillary pressure (or decreasing fracture liquid saturation), the ETR and the MTR shorten while the LTR is prolonged. For large values of the fracture capillary pressure (or when the fracture liquid saturation approaches the residual saturation), only the LTR is observed. On the other hand, as the fracture capillary pressure decreases (or fracture liquid saturation increases), all three reinfiltration regimes are clearly present.