Office: CCIT215-13


Research Interests:

Numerical simulation for enhanced heavy oil recovery via applying thermal method or gas injection


Memorial University, St. John’s, NL, Canada 2015.9-Present
Major: Oil and Gas Engineering
College: Engineering and Applied Science
Degree: Master’s degree Expected in August 2017
Current GPA: 3.71

Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, SC, China 2011.9-2015.7
Major: Petroleum Engineering
College: Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering College
Degree: Bachelor’s Degree July 2015
School duties: Class league branch secretary at September – December 2011  and Vice minister of student union organization from September 2011 to April 2012


  • Influence and Improvement of Heavy Oil Fire Flooding for Gas Production on Technology of Mixing Light Oil in Gao shengOilfield
    Published in the technical journal Petroleum Geology and Engineering, Vol.28 No.4, 2014.7
  • Recycling Combustion Technology of Heavy Oil Fire Flooding for Gas Production
    Published in the Chemical Enterprise Managementperiodical 2014.9
  • Analysis factors effect on pipeline erosion during combustion oil in-stu
    Published in the Chemical Enterprise Management periodical 2017.2

Work experience

  • Internship in Moxi Gas Field, Central Sichuan Oil & Gas Field of Petro China Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company   2014.6.30-7.26
  • Social Practice and Internship in Gao sheng Oil Production Plant of Liao he Oilfield Company 2013.7.16-7.31 & 2014.2.15-2.28 & 2014.8.4-8.22
  • Internship in Liao he oil field study on factors effect on pipeline erosion during combustion oil in-stu 2016.4-5
  • Study building reservoir model via Petrel in research institute of Liao heOilfield 2017.4-5


  • Simulate horizontal well producing in reservoir and then utilize water or gas injection using ECLIPSE and made a discussion about the well pattern and injection rate effect on the production 2016.1-4
  • Analysis the safety system, build up event tree to estimate the chance of scenarios and study the heat transfer when JET fire or pool fire occurs and conducted a simulation of JET fire on offshore platform via FLACS
  • Study on optimization on production system, conducted a real gas analysis project where discussed the effect on production performance when considering the real gas compressibility. 
  • Study on drilling operation including bit torque, mud operation, mud kick control.2016.9-2016.12
  • analysis on phase experiment results thus regress the equation of state for flash calculation, and use PVT-sim and Mat lab for saturation point calculation.
  • A new material balanced equation for natural fractured reservoir has been searched in natural gas project, and used for estimating original gas in place. 2017.1- 2017.4
  • Started carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery project, study on the multi-contact miscible mechanism and conducted slim tube experiment simulation for estimating minimal miscible pressure. 2017.1- 2017.4
  • Practice at research institute at Liaohe Oilfield and studied petrel for geological simulation simulate the geology scale reservoir. 2017 4~5