Guicheng Gary JingEmail:

Academic Background:

M.Sc 1999-2002, Reservoir Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, China

B.Sc 1995-1999, Petroleum Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, China


Highlight of Qualification:

Proficient in:  Eclipse, STARS, GEM, OFM, PETREL, Accumap, Value Navigator, IHS Harmony and more

Expertise in: field development planning and execution, reservoir depletion strategy, integrated production performance analysis and forecast, EOR design and optimization, reservoir simulation, economics and risk analysis, reserves estimation, PVT and SCAL evaluation
Research Direction: developing the software, which provides information necessary to successfully achieve production and economic goals of hydraulic fracturing in shale gas reservoirs. The software contains four fully integrated modules used for frac stages design, proppant design, fracturing fluids design, production analysis and forecasting, and economic optimization.
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