Office: CCIT 233-5


Research Interests

Unconventional Reservoir, Reservoir Simulation, and Numerical Analysis and Modeling


Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Busan, South Korea

Bachelor of Science in Energy & Resources Engineering Class of Feb. 2017

Cumulative GPA: 3.71 / 4.0

Academic Experience

Senior Thesis Paper Project  Mar. 2016-Jun. 2016

– Designed research into production performance prediction from shale gas reservoir

using decline curve analysis and pressure-normalized decline curve analysis

– Developed a MATLAB model for estimation of future production performance based on production data and pressure data

– Comparison of DCA and PN-DCA models for EUR

– Evaluation of DCA and PN-DCA as production forecasting technique

The Korea Society of Mineral and Energy Resources Engineers’ Overseas Resources Exploration

Project Oct. 2014

– Investigated the development status and prospect of shale gas in North America and

the influences on Korea Petroleum E&P Industry

– Designed the project orientation, the analysis of the shale gas development project, and the conclusion

Work Experience

Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) Jul. 2016-Sep. 2016

– Worked at the branch of office of KNOC in Kazakhstan

– Received training in resource assessment, decline curve analysis, and reservoir simulation and modeling.

– Conducted well analysis of reservoir performances through the daily reports of oil production fields in Kazakhstan

– Maintained oil process system (central process facility, crude process facility, gas preparation facility, and oil station) in Kulzhan and Arystan fields

– Assisted to measure and analyze crude oil quality parameters from central process facility lab and oil station lab in Kulzhan and Arystan fields

– Maintained water injection wells to keep constant formation pressure

– Assisted to manage onshore field drilling and completion work-over