chi-zhangOffice:  CCIT 223-6


Chi Zhang’s research area is the description of complex fracture networks, which mainly aims at expression of fracture complexity. Further more, he also focuses on reservoir simulation of both conventional and unconventional reservoir.


2012.09—2016.06 China university of petroleum Beijing Bachelor
• Be selected to study in the class of “Superior petroleum engineers project”
• Meritorious scholarship(1st) for all terms
• GPA:4.21 Grade rank:7/300 recommended to study graduated program

2016.09—  China university of petroleum Beijing Master
• Research focus on Oil and gas production engineering
• GPA:4.17 Grade rank:11/109 Meritorious scholarship(1st) for all terms


2013.06–2013.07 Beijing geological practice
• Identify typical geological structures (e.g. anticline) and rocks
2014.06—2014.07  Beijing mechanic practice
• Learn basic mechanical technology such as milling, casting and welding
2015.05—2015.08 Karamay,Xinjiang province production practice
• Learn fundamental operations of pumping unit and do them ourselves
2016.03—2016.05 Karamay Heavy oil company internship
• Working as reservoir simulation engineer and finish project summary
2016.05—2016.06 Beijing art assistant
• Teach students skills of chorus

Student Club

2016.09–2018.06 CPEDC committee associate chairman
• Award as “Outstanding person in China petroleum engineering designcompetition” for two years

2016.09–2018.06 China university of petroleum Beijing translator
• Part-time job aims at translating professional English reference into Chinese

Academic Achievements

2013.04–2014.04 Multi-stage horizontal well analysis      Leader
• Find out the relationship between pressure and production rate of Multi-stage fractured horizontal well based on numerical models
• Focus on the coupling of fracture and horizontal wellbore especially

2014.04—2014.05 Oil Peak theory and petrol economy    reporter
• Analysis of oil demands in the U.S. based on the price of WTI crude oil

2016.09–2018.09 Stimulation theories of tight gas           Leader
• Characterize petrol-physical properties of tight gas reservoir
• Analyze the formation pressure distribution after production, focus on thecontribution of complex fractures
• Optimize treatment parameters and write codes based on Fortran and C#.


2014.04—2014.05 Oil Peak theory and petrol economy reporter
2014.05 China petroleum engineering design competition The 3rd prize
2016.12 Petroleum English knowledge contest The 1st prize


English: CET6、CET4
Major-skill:primary engineer
Softwares:Microsoft Word、Excel、Powerpoint,Eclipse,Comsol,FracproPT,Matlab