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Numerical Reservoir Simulation, Finite Element Analysis and Machine Learning


1. University of Calgary, Calgary, AB Expected: Fall 2020
MSc., Chemical & Petroleum Engineering


2. University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK May 2018
B.S., Petroleum Engineering, graduated with honor Cum Laude GPA: 3.778/4.00

3. 2+2 Program Student
China University of Petroleum-Beijing, China June 2016


Language: Fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese
Computer: C# Programming, MATLAB, Eclipse, Petrel, PipeSim, AutoCAD, Python
Sport: Skilled soccer player


Senior Design Project
Capstone Design Class  Spring 2018
• Selection of artificial lift methods for 8 wells in 2 unconventional plays to optimize production
• Alleviate downtime issues
• Construct complete economic analysis

3-D Wellbore Trajectory Design and Optimization Spring 2018
Drilling Engineering II Class
• Evaluated different methods to design the wellbore trajectory
• Gained the optimized design with MATLAB programming
• Considered practical factor including axial force and contact force

Reservoir Well Location Design and Optimization  Spring 2018
Reservoir Engineering II Class
• Determined optimized location, functions and injection and production rate of 4 wells under certain geometry condition
• Calculated data and plotted the breakthrough process by Eclipse software
• Predicted future breakthrough time and production to evaluate the design

1D Reservoir Characterization Based on Hard (Static) and Soft (Dynamic) Data Spring 2018
Integrated Reservoir Modeling Class
• Estimated reservoir properties based on the data from three active wells and two observation wells by Kriging method and Bayesian method
• Programming in FORTRAN and MATLAB
• Compared simulation results with SGeMS outputs

Formation Evaluation for Payne County in Oklahoma
Formation Evaluation Class Fall 2017
• Determined pay zone thickness of each interested formation by conducting well logs analysis
• Constructing structure maps and isopach maps for interested formations

Deliquification plan for a dry gas well in a Tight Formation
Flow Assurance Class  Spring 2018
• Determined optimum end of tubing position using Belfroid droplet model’s critical velocity
• Estimated life of tubing based on corrosion rate

Casing Design Computer Program
Well Construction & Completion Design Class Fall 2017
Developed a MATLAB program for casing design capable of handling any wellbore trajectory
• Conducted Huber-von Mises failure criteria with collapse, burst, joint force and body stress check
• Determined the most economical casing design still satisfying safety factors

Production system Design and Optimization  Spring 2017
Production Engineering-I Class
• Determined optimized production system, selected the most economical system components
• Determined productivity index and operating point at different production condition
• Conducted nodal analysis and plotted the IPR&OPR by PIPESIM, Excel

Economic analysis for an oil field in New Albany
Petroleum Economics and Project Evaluation Class  Spring 2017
• Predict future production by decline curve analysis for different wells on a certain oil field
• Determined net present value, annual worth, rate of return and payback period of each well

Basic well testing techniques application Fall 2016
Reservoir Engineering-I Class
• Determined reservoir boundary and skin factors
• Gained the pressure derivative using Ecrin software


Internship in The Unconventional Natural Gas Institute of China University of Petroleum-Beijing Summer 2017
• Interpreted well and seismic data
• Conducted experiments of porosity and permeability measurements
• Gained experience in Reservoir Modeling and Upscaling

Student’s Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program Spring 2016
• Learnt techniques about mechanical design of drill strings and safety considerations
• Learnt public speaking and dissertation defending skills
• Published the design in the conference of China Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

An enthusiastic participant for a volunteering activity Beijing, China  Fall 2015
• Advocated and participated the activity to look after dozens of retired homeless police dogs
• Worked as a volunteer in China Open


1. Liu, B., Li, B., Lu, S., et al: A Design of an experiment rig to demonstrate buckling of drill strings: Conference of China Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in July 2016, Hohhot. In Chinese.

2. Li, Z., Luo, Q., Zhang, C., Liu, B., et al.: Late Carboniferous A-type granites and adakitic granodiorite in Western Junggar, NW China: Petrogenesis and implications for slab roll-back. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, accepted.

3. Xu, Z., Liu, L., Liu, B., Wang, T, et al.: Geochemical characteristics of the Triassic Chang 7 lacustrine source rocks, Ordos Basin, China: Implications for paleoenvironment, petroleum potential, and tight oil occurrence. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, accepted.

4. Xu, Z., Liu, L., Liu, B., Wang, T, et al.: Hydrocarbon migration systems in the slope of the superimposed foreland basin of South Junggar, NW China. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, reviewed.

5. Diagenetic heterogeneity, pore throats characteristic and their effects on reservoir quality of the Upper Triassic tight sandstones of Yanchang Formation in Ordos Basin, China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, reviewed.

HONORS and Awards

Thomas C. Frick Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Petroleum Engineering           Spring 2018
University of Tulsa President’s Honor Roll                                                                                                   Spring 2018
University of Tulsa President’s Honor Roll                                                                                                   Fall 2017
Membership in Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society (top 8%)                                                             Spring 2017
China University of Petroleum Academic Excellence Scholarship                                                           2015-2016
First Prize of National Olympiad in Astronomy in Provinces                                                                    2013
Third Prize of National Olympiad in Physics in Provinces                                                                         2013