One-Dimensional Modeling of Combustion in Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

Supervisors: Dr. Z. Chen, Dr. J. Abedi


The coal gasification is a process by which coal is converted into synthetic gas rich in H2, CO, CO2, and CH4. There are several advantages of the underground gasification: feasible method for exploitation of deep and thin coal seams which are not economic to mine; eliminates some of surface plants; minimizes health hazards to miners; ecological benefits. This article mainly focused on discussion the geochemistry aspect of the UCG, such as reactions, transport phenomena; products type and compositions and water influx from surrounding formation. The future work is also listed in the end of the presentation, including completing the developed model (Prediction of To, V); improving the model for deep coal seams; validating the model based on experimental/field trial data; and application of the model in connection with simulations.