Numerical Modeling of Multi-mechanism-coupling Process for Shale Gas Production

Erfan Mohagheghian


In this work, a numerical transport model for multi-component gas flow through ultra-tight linear porous medium was developed.  Knudsen diffusion, slip flow, bulk Darcy’s flow, sorption and a real gas effect are taken into account. The composition of the produced gas varies with time. Light components are preferentially produced.  The normalized producing mole fraction of methane is initially greater than one and decreases monotonically with time. For other components with lower Knudsen diffusivity and a slip coefficient, the trend of variations is the opposite. For high Darcy’s permeability the normalized producing mole fraction of methane becomes smaller than one in a shorter time. For a given permeability, the larger the tortuosity, the higher the normalized producing mole fraction of methane at early time.