Modeling Solvent Injection in Porous Media Regarding the Second Liquid Phase

Seyed Ali Feizabadi
Supervisor: Dr. Jalal Abedi
Co-Supervisor: Dr. John Chen


Formation of a second liquid phase has been acknowledged in the literature. Currently in many simulators, the condensed solvent is included in the oil phase. In reality there will be cases where the solvent-rich liquid phase and the diluted oil occupy separate spaces within the pores and it would be better to have another phase in the simulator for the solvent-rich liquid. This would allow solvent to be cycled similar to the water in SAGD

The purpose of this article is to develop a model which can handle three hydrocarbon phases, and simulate solvent injection processes more accurately. Furthermore, develop a PVT subroutine to predict solvent-bitumen behavior faster and more precisely in presence of water. The future research plan is also shown at the end.