Modeling and Simulation of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Process

Mojtaba Seifi
Supervisor: Dr. J. Abedi
Co-supervisor: Dr. Chen

The advantages of UCG include feasible method for the exploitation of deep and thin coal seams, which are not economic to mine, eliminating some of surface plants, minimizing health hazards to miners and ecological benefits. For the channel model of UCG, different parameters are defined in order to evaluate the UCG process. And the analytical solutions of channel model of UCG are obtained. Chemical reactions are included in the simulation by CMG-STARS. Then simulations of small model, medium model and large model are carried out separately and compared, and the simulations with refined and coarse grids are also carried out.

His future works are also proposed: improving model based on field data; sensitivity analysis for different operating conditions, investigating different well pattern and predicting field production.