Interactive Visual Steering for Reservoir Simulation and Geoscience

Ali Karami


An interactive software environment that supports a generic framework for visual steering is developed. It is integrated with existing workflows and commercial and in-house reservoir simulators for black oil, compositional, thermal, streamline simulation, and also geo-engineering workflows. The intuitive user interface can encourage natural collaboration of interdisciplinary teams of geologists, engineers, and geophysicists. The software can handle multiple simulation models from at least one base case.

Furthermore, for the developed software, new jobs can be restarted from any intermediate step along the processing time of a base case thus creating corresponding derived cases. As multiple derived cases become available, they may be analyzed by comparing or operating on images from different derived cases and their respective base cases. Besides, at user discretion, any derived case may be transformed into a new base case where the sequence of controls includes the controls pertaining to the base case and all the control modifications are applied as part of any subsequent derivations.