Integrating Geological Characterization, Reservoir Simulation and EOR Application for Naturally Fractured Granite Basement Reservoirs

Cuong T.Q.Dang, Zhangxing Chen, Ngoc T.B.Nguyen, Thuoc H. Phung


The purpose of this study is to investigate the unique geological characteristics of natural fracture reservoir, establish geological and reservoir models and implement IOR & EOR. The geological characteristics of NFR include all the pore spaces in the rock formed by fracturing, diagenetic processes,  and the very irregular distributions porosity and permeability. The flow rate is really high and the production rate drop rapidly.

Artificial Neutral Network (ANN) method is used to estimate reservoir properties in fractured natural rock reservoirs. ANNs function as nonlinear dynamical systems that learn to recognize patterns after undergoing training. A full-field reservoir simulation model has been built with CMG simulator. The structure model consisted of 781,200 grids (93x200x42). Based on the simulation results, the oil recovery factor can be increased by denser well pattern or gaslift application. Among EOR approaches, ASP is the most promising method for fractured basement reservoir in both laboratory experiments and full field scale simulation.