Improved Experimental and Mathematical Techniques for Measurements of Gas Diffusivity in Heavy Oils_Effect of Interface Resistivity

Shauheen Etminan
Supervisors: Prof. John Chen, Prof. Brij Maini


The objective of this research is trying to calculate the diffusion coefficient. Defining the diffusion coefficient is very critical to improve the prediction of the compositional reservoir simulators and design solvent based-processes. In the past, there are some methods to be used to define the diffusion coefficient such as determination of the composition of diffusion species along the length of bitumen sample with time, or measuring the change in one of the system parameters that varies. In this presentation, the pressure decay method is used, and the new boundary condition is developed to solve this mathematical problem. In terms of the experiment part, forward Soln. is applied for sensitivity analysis, and Levenberg-Marquardt is used to estimate three unknown parameters from experimental data, diffusion coefficient (D), mass transfer coefficient and Henry’s constant.