Immiscible Flow Displacements with Phase Change in Radial Injection

Majid A. Darab
Supervisors: Dr. Zhangxing(John) Chen
Dr. Jalel Azaiez

In the presence of a phase change, results indicated significant influences of the capillary number, viscosity ratio and Jacob number on the interfacial morphology and viscous fingering.  While increasing the Ca number and viscosity ratio amplifies the interfacial instability, fingertip splitting, and produces longer fingers, in contrast, increasing the Ja number has a stabilization effect. Produced accumulated condensate and oil saturation depletion curves during the injection process time show an increasing and decreasing trend, respectively, by increasing the Ca number and viscosity ratio. Although the Ja number has a similar effect on the accumulated condensate, it shows a negligible effect on oil depletion saturation.