Development of an EOS Based Multi-Phase Equilibrium and Fluid Property Calculation Package

Yizheng Wei
Supervisor: Prof. John Chen, Co-Supervisor: Prof. M. Satyro


Recent research has shown that there are more than four coexisting phases in low-temperature CO2 floods. Some commercial packages (CMG Winprop and VMGSim Seapkg) include four-phase flash calculation option but have certain limitations such as less flexibility to switch mixing rules and thermodynamic models, and stand-alone calculations are difficult to implement in in-house simulators for simulation research study.

This work considers the process to develop a robust EOS based multi-phase equilibrium package with stability test and the flexibility to adjust or apply corrections for fluid property calculation, and implementing the package into a compositional reservoir simulator so that the model is able to handle complex multi-phase behavior in porous media and simulate recovery processes such CO2 flooding and WAG where four-phase flow commonly occurs.