Compositional Reservoir Simulation with Advanced EOS

Yizheng Wei
Supervisors: Prof. J. Chen and Prof. M. Satyro


The objectives of his research are the development and incorporation of advanced EOS for compositional reservoir simulation for heavy oil and development of EOS for multiple phases (e.g., four phases) and applications in advanced recovery processes.

In the presentation, the mathematical model is first formulated, including the mass conservation for each component, Darcy’s law for each phase, mole fraction balance, capillary pressure, saturation constraint and multi-phase equilibrium condition. Then phase equilibrium calculation methods and improved ones such as Volume Translation and Mixing Rule, and stability test are analyzed. The Virtual Material Group (VMG) as the ideal property package for simulator development is adopted for reservoir numerical simulation to get better behavior prediction.

At last, his future work and target are proposed i. e. checking the conceptual feasibility of performing multi-phase simulation and applying advanced EOS and improving convergence and computational time; taking into account energy balance equation for thermal recovery process.