Chemical Additives and Foam Assisted Thermal Recovery

Ran Li



This presentation discusses the steady-foam properties, the effect of the temperature and the effect of oil droplets to the foam. It reports that foam texture determines foam mobility;  Foam performs better in the region far away from injector due to lower gas velocity; A large steam quality in the near-wellbore region enhances foam performanc. In the aspect of effect of the temperature to the foam, it shows that steam condensation rather than steam diffusion controls bubbles stability, leading to foam coarsening; Condensation is controlled with the addition of NCG in the near-wellbore zone. As for the effect of oil droplets to the foam, it shows that pseudoemulsion film ruptures more easily when contacting with oil in flow path; Foam can be stable when oil saturation is low (less oil contact area). It is important to see that steam foam performs better in the near-wellbore region with reasonable gas velocity.