CFD Simulation of Multiphase Separators

Ali Pourahmadi Laleh
Ali pourahmadi


First academic CFD-based study of separator performance and CFD simulation are presented, including CFD simulations of two-phase separators and a three-phase separator. The improved criteria for separator are also designed.

It is concluded that both DPM and VOF-DPM approaches are successful in predicting the incipient velocities for vapor-liquid separators; the VOF-DPM approach is a substantial modification to the DPM approach as the model does include all the continuous phases in the calculations and the obtained separation efficiency data and diagrams are more realistic; the VOF-DPM approach can successfully simulate the realistic performance of the large-scale three-phase separator; the algorithmic method proposed by Monnery and Svrcek can be modified to use CFD simulation results to specify a realistic optimum separator design; in contrast with classic design strategies, additional residence times should be assumed for droplet penetration through the interfaces.