Assisted History Matching for Oil Recovery

Wisam Shaker


This presentation majorly introduces the methods and the importance of the assisted history matching for oil recovery. The history matching (HM) is a difficult non-uniqueness inverse problem. There are multiple combinations of model parameters that all lead to acceptable representations for the history of the reservoir. They may also produce a range of results in prediction of future performance. So the history match is really important. Compared with the manual history match, the assisted history match has several advantages, such as automatically create multiple derived simulation datasets by varying selected dataset parameters.

Several cases are studied. Conclusively, traditional history matching viably needs to be integrated with modern workflows. Assisted history matching relies on engineering support. Using the modern tools allows structuring of the HM workflow. HM becomes a manageable project with planned deliverables in time, quality and budget. A comparison study is required to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of optimization techniques on a single case study. The author`s future research plan is also introduced in the end.