An interesting talk given by Professor Jichun Li


An interesting talk was given by Professor Jichun Li in CCIT 209  at 4:00pm-5:00pm, January 22, 2016. Prof. Li is from University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA.
The title of the talk is Mathematical analysis and time-domain finite element modeling of invisibility cloaks with metamaterials. The abstract is as follows:  In the June 23, 2006’s issue of Science magazine, Pendry et al. and Leonhardt independently published their work on electromagnetic cloaking. In Nov.10, 2006’s Science, Pendry et al. demonstrated the first practical realization of such a cloak with the use of artificially structured metamaterials. Since then, there is a growing interest in using metamaterials to construct invisibility cloaks. In this talk, the speaker will first give a brief introduction to invisibility cloaks with metamaterials, and then he will focus on some cloaking models. A well-posedness study and time domain numerical simulations will be presented.


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